Sunday, January 3, 2010

Brian Phelps Blunder

Brian Phelps Blunder
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Well, I learned a pretty good lesson the other night. I've had this skinny pocket notebook finished for a while now, sitting in my lovely "finished products" vintage picnic basket, when I finally decided it was time to list the item and try to sell it on Etsy.
My handsome manfriend and I were trying to come up with a title that would describe this diver's hunky physique... without the cheese of "hunky"... when I thought of googling this Olympic Athlete to see if that could help us describe the man.

Well, turns out Brian Phelps, Olympic Medalist, is a convicted paedophile, as of 2008. *face palm* There is no way that I could sell this item! What if someone bought it and had no idea - showing everyone their awesome skinny notebook only to have someone break the news they are flaunting a child molester! AWFUL!

So, this skinny pocket notebook sits, sad and lonely in my vintage picnic basket. If anyone has any ideas of what to do with it, be my guest and suggest away - I just don't have the heart to throw things out.

Shucks. Such a pretty green, too.


  1. can you just cover over it with fabric or another picture?

  2. ahahaha awesome. i'll take it if no one wants it! :)

  3. I second covering it with something else. Maybe a rectangle of some other fabric.
    Or if you want to be funny, attach a different head to the body, or maybe cut it up and reuse the pieces. Cut it into strips and then weave them or rearrange them and then sew them back together. If you're really feeling feisty you could do something which references your distaste like attaching a monster head to the body.