Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Farren Square's TED Tuesday: The world needs all kinds of minds

Temple Grandin: The world needs all kinds of minds

"Temple Grandin, diagnosed with autism as a child, talks about how her mind works -- sharing her ability to "think in pictures," which helps her solve problems that neurotypical brains might miss. She makes the case that the world needs people on the autism spectrum: visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, verbal thinkers, and all kinds of smart geeky kids."

This TED Video has become very popular recently and, in my opinion, speaks for itself:

Farren Square

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who Won the Narwhal Journal Giveaway!?

This last week has been really exciting for me! Making gifts for people I love is originally how I got into loving handmade. It all started with wanting to remove the commercialism from our favourite winter holiday and spiraled into this awesome Etsy ride I'm taking right now.

But hosting this contest knowing that I was going to be giving away such an awesome little whale of a journal really re-ignited my passion for designing and creating journals.

So it is with absolute pleasure that I announce the Winner of the Happy Little Narwhal Journal:

Laura from MABJEWELRY!

A heartfelt Congratulations from me!

As a consolation to everyone who didn't win, I will offer a post-giveaway promotion!! From now until Thursday, March 18th I will offer 15% off any item in my store

BUT FIRST! You have to Congratulate MAB over Twitter
Congratulate MAB on her blog!

Use the phrase "I tweeted" or "I blogged" in the notes to seller and I will refund you 15% off the price before shipping through paypal. But you only have one week to take advantage of this awesome deal!

A HUGE thank you so much for entering and making my first giveaway so exciting. I think I'm addicted to the excitement, so stick around to hear about upcoming events!

Much Love,
Farren + Happy Narwhal


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Srikumar Rao - Plug into your Hard-Wired Happiness

Do you generally feel that you are a happy person or a cynical person?

Srikumar Rao, the speaker in this video, believes that all of us are hard-wired to be happy all of the time. Every moment. And that we are taught to be unhappy, to be constantly reaching for something new that will bring us happiness, that success is measured by the accumulation of WHATEVER as compared to our social peers.

Have you ever been so happy that you could sink to your knees in gratitude at the tremendous good fortune that has been bestowed upon you? That you become radiantly alive several times through out a day?

If your life isn't like that, he claims, then your life is sadly wasted.

Srikumar Rao commits to providing us all with strategies and tools to get there and start Plugging into your hard-wired happiness and living life to the fullest. Watch this short video lecture and see if you are on the right path to happiness:

Do you invest in the outcome, or do you invest in the process? Since actions are within our control, and outcomes are not - perhaps investing on the outcome is the same as focusing on failure. Live your life in a way that celebrates your success while leaving what is out of your locus of control behind. You will be infinitely more satisfied with life and the choices you make.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do you like Free Stuffs?

Today I received my 200th Etsy Shop Heart! That means that over 200 people have declared my shop as one of their favourites. I feel so blessed to have so much support from so many amazing people that I have decided I am going to do my very first shop give-away!

I will be giving away this ADORABLE Blank Happy Narwhal Journal. He's just dying to swim into your heart!

The Happy Narwhal is Unicorn of the sea, swimming and splashing joyfully - unless someone tries to sneak a peak at your inner secrets... then he will stab them with his horn! Thats what those are for, right?

♥ Hand bound with a coptic stitch.
♥ Stiff covers.
♥ 6.5 inches X 9 inches
♥ 60 pages (120 front and back)
♥ Made from Recycled Materials & 100% post-consumer Recycled Paper.

Enter as many different ways and times as you like, I will be drawing randomly on March 10th and announce the winner on March 11th!

Here are different ways to enter:

1) Follow my blog, then post a link to this blog post on your facebook or elsewhere!! Don't forget to leave a comment here telling me where you left the link and a way to get a hold of you.

2) Follow me on Twitter and ReTweet the following: "RT @FarrenSquare WIN THIS NARWHAL JOURNAL http://bit.ly/b2vyIB RT once/hour MAX to win! "
(Please only retweet once per hour! All other entries will be ignored, sorry!)

3) Purchase something from my shop between now and March 10th and your name will be entered three times!

I'm so excited to be hosting my first give-away, I can't wait! Good luck to all!

Farren Square

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TED Tuesday - Simplicity Sells

This hilarious TED talk highlights a key message to all who work in design. Simplicity sells. Whether you design furniture, websites, or sell on Etsy - limit the hoops your customers have to jump through, and you'll gain life-long supporters. Plus I can't resist a TED Talk that features parody songs!

"New York Times columnist David Pogue takes aim at technology’s worst interface-design offenders, and provides encouraging examples of products that get it right. To funny things up, he bursts into song:"

I think this is a TED Talk celebrating the fact that I am getting my new iPhone Today! I have been waiting a long time to upgrade, and it is finally time, Yeehaw! Good bye, really terrible cheap cellphone, hello Personal Electronic Organizer!

Here are a few of my favourite *simple* iPhone cases & sleeves...

A gorgeous show-stopping customizable wooden iPhone Sleeve from GreenHouseFX.Etsy.com

A very cute tongue-in-cheek Vegan Leather iPhone Sleeve from

An incredible and impossibly adorable felt Monster iPhone Sleeve from Kelsey @ Appleblossom21.Etsy.com

And a bright and cheery well-crafted yellow knit iPhone Sleeve from AmandaFenniak.Etsy.com

Farren Square