Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who Won the Narwhal Journal Giveaway!?

This last week has been really exciting for me! Making gifts for people I love is originally how I got into loving handmade. It all started with wanting to remove the commercialism from our favourite winter holiday and spiraled into this awesome Etsy ride I'm taking right now.

But hosting this contest knowing that I was going to be giving away such an awesome little whale of a journal really re-ignited my passion for designing and creating journals.

So it is with absolute pleasure that I announce the Winner of the Happy Little Narwhal Journal:

Laura from MABJEWELRY!

A heartfelt Congratulations from me!

As a consolation to everyone who didn't win, I will offer a post-giveaway promotion!! From now until Thursday, March 18th I will offer 15% off any item in my store

BUT FIRST! You have to Congratulate MAB over Twitter
Congratulate MAB on her blog!

Use the phrase "I tweeted" or "I blogged" in the notes to seller and I will refund you 15% off the price before shipping through paypal. But you only have one week to take advantage of this awesome deal!

A HUGE thank you so much for entering and making my first giveaway so exciting. I think I'm addicted to the excitement, so stick around to hear about upcoming events!

Much Love,
Farren + Happy Narwhal

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  1. Yay, I'm so excited! This will inspire me to start keeping a regular notebook again. You are wonderful. Thanks so so much. I love it.