Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Naughty & Nice Love Coupons

Valentine's Coupons
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These Coupon Books are perfect for you and your partner this Valentine's Day. They are well-crafted, sweet, and 100% created by me, not the ugly and boring ones found elsewhere around the 'net.

Just choose your style:
The Love Coupons are perfect for a couple who want to spend quality time together, or give thoughtful gifts this year. Some of the creatively worded suggestions inside include:
  • Making a lunch for the recipient
  • Foot-rubs and back-rubs
  • A favourite desert just for the recipient or
  • Remote control for the day

Naughty Coupons
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The Naughty Coupons are perfect for the couple who want a spicy game to play together. Decide on your terms and then start tearing out these coupons to ensure a night full of pleasure for both of you! Some of the suggestions include:

  • Position requests (reverse cowgirl, anyone?)
  • A Sudsy post-lovin' Shower
  • "Kiss me here" coupons
  • And more secret - but not scary! - sexytime fun.

Chocolates, cards, flowers, and candy are all forgotten after February is done, why not get your lover something that will make memories together this year.

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  1. Um, where is my weekly Ted talk? I thoroughly enjoy watching those you know.