Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Non-TED TED Talk

Get it? No? Well, then, I will explain. Randy Pausch is an amazing man. I've seen some of his speeches before, and they are always inspiring, jaw-dropping, and so get-up and go motivating (as opposed to spiritually motivating, I suppose), so I wanted to include a TED talk by Mr. Pausch today.

Mr. Pausch's TED talk is here, and it is an hour and seventeen minutes long. I strongly recommend watching the entire video, every word he has to say and every moment he shares is incredible, moving, and powerful.

But we don't all have an 1:17 to spend on that today, so I am deviating (GASP!) from the formulae to bring you the TED talk Coles Notes - We call it Oprah. If you are not a fan of hers, don't worry! This is Randy Pausch's moment to share "The Last Lecture" -as in, what would you say if you had to give the absolute last lecture of your life?

Please watch and leave your thoughts and comments below. Oprah jokes accepted only if they are funny:

Yep, I tear up at the end, every time. I feel like I could watch this video every morning.

While watching this TED talk, I worked on this:

Did you work on anything you'd like to share?

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  1. PS - Sorry I missed last week, guys. I didn't know so many people would message me and let me know they missed it! It will never happen again. ^__^