Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TED Tuesday: The Magic of the Words "Thank you"

In this quickie 3 minute TED Talk, Laura Trice suggests we all say thank you. A simple suggestion, yes, but a powerful suggestion nonetheless.

This incredibly well-done video about gifting, specifically at my most favorite yearly event - Burning Man, has been circling my various social networks for the past few days. Gifting, when experienced the way Halcyon describes, is one of the most heart-widening and mind-opening experiences one is able to have. It creates a new ideal for human relationships and exposes the thinker to new ways of interaction with society as a whole.

I feel the same way about an open and genuine expression of thanks. To be appreciative of the things we share, time, experience, or love. In fact, it is quite easy to compare a thoughtful and sincere gift with the simple yet thoughtful and sincere act of saying Thank You and realize that when both are done properly, they can be considered one and the same.

Be honest with your loved ones about the thanks you might need to hear. Ask those around you if you are meeting their need to be appreciated, too. I agree with Ms. Trice that peacefulness starts household by household. By listening to the needs of others and filling them with praise for the things they work hard to do - we are in fact inspiring our family and friends just by expressing how they have inspired us.

So I just want to take this opportunity to say Thank You for reading my blog. I appreciate every reader, from those who stumble across my collection of weird thoughts randomly, those who know me through facebook or twitter, to those who subscribe to this blog via rss or otherwise. I cherish each person who has taken time to comment to me on my blog, either publicly or privately, and I have enjoyed the perspectives and thoughts that people can add to my own. What a lovely forum to share thought, and what a lovely bunch of people who have come forward to do so. Thank you.

One of the ways that I occasionally choose to give back to Etsy artists who have supported me, shared tips and knowledge with me, or simply inspired me with their style is to feature their art in my blog. So here are a few of those artists and their own unique and interesting ways to express thanks:

20 very original Poetry Thank You Tags by 42things

A set of 8 totally cute Green Apple Thank You cards by craftedbylindy 

An elegant handlettered rubber "Thank you" stamp by ampersandity 


  1. Thank you for this lovely reminder of how important it is to express gratitude.

  2. Wonderful post! I think being thankful and actually expressing our thanks is very important. So THANK YOU for featuring my cards on your awesome blog! I appreciate it so much! : )