Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Carl Honore praises Slowness: TED Tuesday

I had the pleasure of attending one of Carl Honore's lectures last year. He was a deliberate, funny, and thoughtful speaker who brought a lot to ponder to the table. He spoke of his family, what was important to him, and how slowing down his life made it easier for him to enjoy even the smallest slices of life.

I think that some people are naturally better at this than others. For some of us, it is a conscious choice to take a step back, eliminate those extra stressors in our lives, and enjoy what we've got.

So instead of stressing and hemming and hawing over a complex TED Tuesday feature post this week, I'm going to side with slowness and simply share the video. And I'm going to take that extra time I've saved and savor a delicious meal with my family. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Carl Honore Praises Slowness:

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