Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Secret to great Sweet Potato Fries {rookie Recipe}

Remember weeks ago when I tweeted that I had discovered the secret to amazing and crispy home made sweet potato fries?

Yes. Just yes.
 Well. First, sorry that it has taken me so long to make the big reveal. And second, I lied. There isn't one secret, there are two. And one came about because of the other. A tangled web of delicious secret fries!

After chopping my humongous sweet potato into thick baby-hand-sized frenched fries, I debated between using olive oil or coconut oil to coat the fries and settled on what is now the first secret - Coconut Oil - to bake the fries. I set the oven to 350F and began to smear on the coconut oil, but the cool moist fries hardened the oil and it would not spread. This is when I realized I could parboil the fries, the second secret, in the mircowave for two minutes to heat the oil as well as seal in the tastiness! Huzzah! Parboiling the fries is really the difference between soft and crispy sweet potato fries.

As the fries came out of the microwave, I made sure each fry was coated in coconut oil and sprinkled on some cumin, fresh ground pepper, and mrs. dash, my most predictably favourite spice mix. I made sure to spread the fries out evenly, not a single fry was touching another fry, and left them in the oven around 25 minutes, until the ones around the edges were browned. This is where the little known half-secret comes in: don't add salt to your fries until after they come out of the oven.  You'll thank me afterwards.
More for Mama.
Unless you are Squeaky D. Because quite frankly, he hated the sweet potato fries.


  1. While I'd love to try this recipe, I don't know what you mean be parboil????

  2. Whoops, sorry Sharon. I can clarify: It is so easy, just put them in a microwave-safe dish and pop them in the microwave for about 2 minutes! It's almost like flash-roasting them, but only partially, and then letting the oven do the rest.

  3. I noticed that you are egg-free, my BF also has eczema since he was a tot that is aggravated by eggs/gluten (especially in the winter). We found though, that he does not react to egg whites (not sure why). Which led me to the secret to crispy, "restaurant-style" sweet potato fries: egg white whipped to soft peaks, simply coat the fries and bake in a single layer at 375 degrees F until soft and crispy. Might not work for some, but adding egg whites was great to get a little extra protein in the BF's diet when he was reacting to so many other forms of protein!