Friday, May 27, 2011

Don't tell me what to wear. Tell men not to rape.

Slutwalk is spectacular. 

The concept, the message, the conversations, everything. 

These days I am finding that there are too many people in the media who do not understand what slutwalk is about. It is not about dressing like a slut and marching around downtown. It is not about a subculture of women who want to flaunt promiscuity. It is not even fully about "owning the word."

It is about putting an end to victim blaming, it is about women standing up, standing together and saying "I am not asking for it, I am never asking for it and nothing I could EVER wear could mean that I forfeit consent. I am a HUMAN BEING."

I want to see women, mothers, daughters. I want to see fathers, partners, young boys. I want us all to stand together and send the message that our culture has been allowing the perpetuation of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment - all of it - for too long by allowing words like "slut" to have any sort of power or sway. By allowing newspapers to comment on a woman's "revealing" outfit when reporting the story of her violation. Or by questioning the victim's choice to spend time in certain locations -jogging at night- or by choosing to have a few drinks.

The message needs to be clear. Rape is not okay. Rape is never okay. 

We walk together to say: 
All of us are sluts or none of us are, it doesn't matter. Nobody is ever asking to be raped. 
Photo Credit: We Heart It

Slutwalk in Edmonton is June 4th. 
Will I see you there?

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