Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And I Won't Back Down.

I constantly find myself apologizing for myself. So sorry that I have these ideas that fly out of my mouth faster than I can contain them. So sorry that I feel the need to dance and move my body. So sorry that I'm intense, that I can look through your actions and see your intentions. So sorry that my intelligence and quick wit make you feel intimidated. So sorry that my hair is different, my clothes are different, my music is different. So sorry that I have an opinion on the topic, so sorry that my opinion differs from yours. So sorry that I feel the need to stand up for other people, so sorry that I stand up for what a believe in.
So sorry that I educate, activate, engage, confront, defy, and create.

I am an emotional being. And I will cease to apologize for myself from now on.


  1. Wow you are so right Farren.....I am no longer going to appolagize for me....after all if you don't like Me then why are you always around me?! :)

    Love you!

  2. This is so common in women! We're always apologizing for not living up to some imaginary status quo, for being who we are, or for just BEING.
    Sady Doyle wrote a really interesting article about this as well, aptly titled "Girl Culture and the Race to the Bottom" (www.tigerbeatdown.com/?p=731) and I think it really pinpoints the fact that we are so socialized to feel guilty and to apologize, even when we KNOW we have nothing to apologize for. I'm so sick of the "fat talks" and the "guilt speeches," I don't want to hear them OR make them anymore!

    Anyway, rant over (won't apologize for it though). Haha. Glad you liked the link!

    -Lil J

  3. Everything you said I can relate to. People are always afraid of strong, opinionated and unique females. I love it when I have something to say or stand up for and get labelled as a "feminist", but one with a negative undertone. Or I always get labelled as "one of those artsy fartsy folk" for having varied, inquisitive tastes. You sound like you're strong and full of good character.

    A friend of mine when I was younger who has now passed away once made a pact with me while we sat on the bus. He said, "Let's promise to never say we're sorry." It's one thing I always remember when I think of him, because it's so true. People spend to much time worrying what others think.