Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How schools are killing creativity.

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All children have talents, and we squander them pretty ruthlessly. How proud are children of their creativity, how quick they are to show off their work without fear of judgment. What are we doing to them that by the time they reach adulthood, the majority of that creativity is flat and uninspired and the majority of adults are too anxious to share their true creative thoughts and ideas?

Most of us went through the Education System, and we all have an opinion on how it may have made us into the person we are now. As a teacher, I maintain the philosophy that children need more opportunities to be creative critical thinkers and have more questions asked of THEM, instead of being told what is what. I agree that creativity is as important as literacy - it is a vital skill to hold.

Here is an outstanding video about how schools are killing creativity and what we need to do about it. (19min21sec)

I've seen it in the classrooms everywhere. Art projects that have step by step instruction manuals and large expectations. Children who are told what to think instead of asked their for their own synthesis of information.

Picasso said that all children are born artists - the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up. Is creativity literally educated out of us?

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  1. Awesome post and thought Farren, defiantly with you and the speaker on this. "Physical Education" is another of these areas, particularly in the UK. kids are told to go kick a ball around a play football (soccer), but where's the learning? Where's them adapting to physical challenges? Where's their learning to lift and carry and SAFELY, effectively, and in a fun way, move themselves for their benefit and for others? We gotta instigate changes, help other see this too.