Sunday, May 27, 2012

Very Big Thing - The Cheese Edition.

a Very Big Thing is happening. I haven't tweeted about it because there has been too much to say. I haven't blogged about it because the vastness of my feelings about this subject were surely going to be misconstrued.

We had Squeaky D allergy tested. I was terrified, for many reasons. It was all very complicated.

But when the RAST test happened without a single tear shed, without a single food reaction. A heavy veil was lifted. Because we only tested six items, the allergist asked if we wanted to do a blood test. He was concerned about my reports of gastric pain in Baby D, about his belly rashes and eczema. Signs of sensitivity to something, he said.
The slippery slope of cute.

And then I was terrified about drawing a toddler's blood. People do this all the time! I told myself, unable to convince myself. Thankfully good friends advised me to go to the Stollery Children's Hospital and ask for a pediatric collector. They told me exactly how to hold him, and in the end it went much better than anticipated (besides the nurse telling me afterwards not to breastfeed him when he was crying in case he chokes. MEGALOL.), and he got a sticker at the end, which made him very proud. Who knew he gets stickers now? Not me.

The results came back perfectly clear! The only test that wasn't done was the test for Celiac Disease, as neither of us consume gluten and you have to have the protein in your system for 6 weeks prior to the blood test.

CHEESE! And firetrucks and horses, I guess.

I've been dying to say something. Brie! Havarti! Swiss! Feta! Edam! All my favourite cheeses! I ate a creamy dip. I had scrambled eggs! There has been mayonnaise, a latte, ice cream, and OMG REAL GREEK YOGURT. Cookies baked with egg and butter.

I will say this. I'm skeptical. Very skeptical. Squeaky D so far hates egg and dairy. Refuses to eat much of anything, including melted cheese (Theories abound that he may not be mine, but I watched him come out of me and he didn't really leave my sight after that, so...). His eczema on the backs of his hands has become worse. At first, he did have little bumps across his belly though it seems to have become a mix of eczema and dry skin, now. The medical community tells me that this is simply NOT related to his diet, it could be anything they say.

So here I sit, a baby who is suffering, doctors who have no answers, and a mountain of milk chocolate at my disposal. Milk chocolate, you guys.

A Very Big Thing, indeed.


  1. CHEESE! That is a big deal. Sad they still haven't figured out the cause of D's eczema. :(

    1. We have a few more avenues to explore but if his eczema keeps up, this diet will definitely be temporary!

  2. CHEESE IS THE BIGGEST DEAL ON EARTH! Best of luck figuring health issues out. Those are the worst. :(

    1. Aw, thanks Mama. xoxox.



  4. Melty CHEESE Welcomes you baaaaaack!!!!! Here is a thought only because it happened to me - well ChatterBox. Hard water gives her eczema. We got a water softner and it rocked her world. Although she has sensitivity to Dairy,Oranges and all kinds of soap we went ahead with the softner and her life changed. Dr. Stuart from the Stollery Allergian Clinic figured it had to do with soft water rinsing the soap off completely and that made sense to me.
    My boyfriend is so cute! I love his hair and need to squish him soon :)

  5. oh farren, there must be some relief hearing that - but again, still not knowing the real trigger is still a puzzle. i hope you find these answers soon.

    cheesify everything you can!

    i'll be thinking of you guys, xoxo

  6. So happy you get to EAT ALL THE CHEESES! And I hope you all figure out D's eczema. xoxo