Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ten and a half things.

In the interest of posting more lately, and because I feed off the tidbits of information my internet-pals put out there, I will happily play the role of the tagged in this meme, as dictated unto me by Sarah of A Random Sampling. She rocks, and so did her 10.5 things, so I couldn't let her down. Here are mine:

#1 - A picture of me. I chose this picture because lately I feel like such a wuss. I need to challenge some of my own inner bad ass.

#2 - 10 Random Facts about Me

  1. I still have an old Super Nintendo system kicking around, even though we don't have a TV, and I swear that I will kick your ass at Dr Mario.
  2.  We have very little art hanging on our walls because we rent this house and the walls are made of thick old plaster. And it chips. And we're terrified of being charged for damage. This leaves me feeling really uninspired by our place right now.
  3. I really super duper love rainbows. I have a lot of rainbow things, like mugs, shirts, scarves, and yes. Suspenders. 
  4. I collect records. It's something that happened after my dad bequeathed me his amazing collection of albums and 45s from 1956-1981. I fell in love with the sound of needle on vinyl and I've been adding to my collection ever since.
  5. I grew up in the country and I know how to toss a bale of hay around.
  6. People are usually surprised by this because I go to Burning Man, but I'm actually not super duper into electronic music. I mean, some of it is pretty good and I've enjoyed some DJs more than others, but nothing beats live grungy dirty rock and roll. No? 
  7. I'm afraid I might be addicted to chips. I might be, you guys. I eat a lot of chips.
  8. I used to be able to write poems. I used to have the time and inspiration to write something that could sound good and be witty and more than 140 characters. Sigh. 
  9. Clean sheet day makes me happier than it should.
  10. My absolute most favourite book in the world is Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. 
Sarah's Questions:

1. What was the first album you ever purchased (vinyl, tape, or cd)?
The first CD I ever bought myself was The Offspring - Smash in the 6th Grade. It opened my eyes to punk music! 
2. What was the first accessory you bought with your own money?
I bought this little grey and black messenger bag purse in Grade 7, I thought I was so slick.
3. Favourite gift you’ve ever received?
Someone once wrote a song for me for my birthday. <3 
4. The coolest person you’ve ever met?
Don't tell Mandude, but I think he is pretty cool. 
5. The item in your home with the most sentimental value?
My old teddy bear. 
6. The grossest thing in your refrigerator right now?
My coconut yogurt went bad before I even opened it. Very green. 
7. Something you always purchase at the grocery store?
Nuts of some sort. Coconut milk.
8. One thing you hope to accomplish this year.
Write. Write. Write. 
9. Your current favourite song.

10. What we’d eat together if I showed up on your door step today.
I would make you some of our leftovers from dinner, a buffalo chicken wrap with daiya cheese, some vinnyegrett (Russian beet salad), and maybe a power fruit smoothie. No seriously, I didn't name it.

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1) What would 17 year old you say if they could see you now?
2) It's your birthday and you can eat anything you want all day with no repercussions. What's on the menu?
3) Name one thing that scares you.
4) What book have you read that has changed you?
5) What song gets you up and motivated?
6) If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be?
7) What is your favourite app on your phone? If no smart phone, favourite website.
8) Name a guilty pleasure.
9) Which famous person would you like to meet?
10) Describe your hugging style in three words.


  1. Jitterbug Perfume is my favourite Tom Robbins book. <3 I love this.

  2. Also, that picture is hot. You ARE a bad ass.

  3. I'm going to answer all of your questions even though I wasn't tagged and you didn't tell me I could. They're just really awesome questions.

    1. Oh dear god.
    2. please take me to an ice cream parlor
    3. tornadoes
    4. Reviving Ophelia by Mary Pipher
    5. Elmo's song makes me want to run to the tv and shut it off, does that count?
    6. Edmonton
    7. StitchMinder - it is the reason I wanted an iphone
    8. the movie French Kiss with Meg Ryan
    9. I don't. I'd like to believe they're like the images I have of them in my head and I'm afraid if I meet them for more than a book/movie signing it would ruin it.
    10. very close friend

  4. I am so with you when it comes to the joy of clean sheet day!! There is just something so soothing and comforting about slipping beneath fresh crisp sheets . . . ahhhhh. When you combine that with flip the mattress day and it may just be a little peace of heaven.

  5. I love you. You're so cute and awesome. I'll answer your questions!