Friday, January 21, 2011

i nursed you in the rainbow room

I nursed you in the rainbow room.

that night i nursed you in the rainbow room 
with red and orange walls
blue sheets and rolling green hills of 
blanket to cover us in warmth

and i was amazed that you were unfazed 
that you could even move a finger
let alone linger and move the love inside 
me just to nourish yourself

all the people had come in swarms to 
welcome you and lift you in their arms
and say oh he is so sleepy or oh he is 
just      too      sweet

or oh how can he be so big and yet oh 
how can he be so    small
sitting here in my embrace, nestling his 
face into my neck, into my heart.

all the people left and i breathed a real breath 
for the first time
only to hear your voice calling to me, 
calling to me, calling me for love
did you know I know everything 
about you now and live to teach you
how to become more than I'll ever be 
be able to wonder about?

and we lay together in the rainbow room, 
on the yellow sheet
rocked in the purple chair and I knew
it was too much but laundry day happens
and things need to adjust.

And I say to myself; I made that. I am making that.
I look forward to seeing how you will 
make yourself.

©  Farren Square 2010


  1. so sweet. you are truly a "natural" at being a great mother. {{hug}}
    I love the imaging of being surrounded by so much color especially on such a cold and snowy day.

  2. You totally got me all teary eyed! So beautiful thank you for being so you!!! Love you more and more with each visit! <3

  3. beautiful farren. we really miss you guys and can't wait to meet baby dez

  4. I saw your tweet about having lost so many photographs. I've lost photographs, and a lot more recently, although the pictures are the things I hurt over most after the losing. I can still see the images in my mind, though, and that's where they will always live, as long as my mind is working. You haven't lost everything—I know it probably doesn't help to hear it now—but you have a chronology recorded in Instagram, on Twitter, here. Your loved ones probably still have the pictures you've sent.

    And more than that are these words you wrote. Poems are indelible image-vessels, Farren. This one is so incredibly beautiful, and such a testament to your love.

    Put down the camera and pick up a pen. Open the pages of a journal I know you hold dear. Write.

    Those image-experiences will never leave you.

    With all the empathy of someone who has lost,and all the faith of someone who knows good poems.


    1. Julie, I truly and deeply value your friendship. You are right, I need to write more.

  5. Julie aka duckyouforever

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