Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adam Sadowsky and OKGo's Rube Goldberg Machine of Awesome

How can one gigantic Rube Goldberg Machine and a 3 minute 45 second music video teach us about the intricacies of life?

-The small stuff may stink, but it is absolutely essential.

-While planning is important, so is flexibility.

A Rube Goldberg Machine

-Life can be messy. And difficult. But the ending is always worth it.

-This, too, shall pass.

Why am I posting this TED video that is basically a glorified music video? Not only because I believe that there is much to be learned from their experience, but also because I have never seen such an intricate music video in my life (If you have, please post a link in the comments!), and I do believe that video art is still art. This OKGo video is indeed art to me. Plus, not only can I watch this video over and over without catching each intricacy - I also get a little emotional at the end when I realize that the team needed 85 takes to get the job done. They must have been so elated and relieved!

Adam Sadowsky engineers an OKGo music video:

Looking forward to hearing what you think!


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