Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TED Tuesday Returns: Social experiments to fight poverty

I'm back! I took a long hiatus from this blog, and I'm sorry to anyone who came to find my weekly feature and found nothing, for quite some time. I was dealing with a few new health situations that were putting a lot of things into perspective and some priorities had to be changed around.

BUT GUESS WHAT! I feel great today! I feel amazing lately. I am inspired by the world, inspired by possibilities and ideas, and I'm back to share them with you. After all, TED's tagline runs: "Ideas worth Spreading," and I have to agree.
A Child Receives a Free Bed Net
Today's idea worth sharing is from Esther Duflo, who has worked with researchers to find not only efficient, but effective ways to fight poverty. Her and her team have some incredibly simple solutions, and some very incredible findings while working and experiementing in Africa - that, in my opinion, highlight the similarities in our interaction with the world.

Will bed nets and lentils save Africa? Maybe not, but it will save Africans. Perhaps this is an idea worth listening to...

Esther Duflo: Social experiments to fight poverty

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