Monday, November 23, 2009

The best way to clean up!

When I was younger, I loved playing and hated cleaning up. Who didn't, right?
My sister and I loved our lego, barbies, troll dolls (remember them?!), blocks, and pretty much anything else with many tiny pieces. You know the ones that seem to float all over the floor, but never in the toy bin where they belonged?
Toys inside, the playmat hangs nicely.
Then one year we received PlayMats from my Auntie Lana who is probably the craftiest person in my extended family - I can remember LOVING how easy clean up became: just throw everything into the middle of the circle, pull the drawstrings and it turns into a bag that holds all your toys until next time!
Child's Playmat Toybag
The playmat opens up for playtime.
Now that I have made a few of my own PlayMats for friends and their families, I also realize what a great great gift bag they make - the kids may not be into it at first, but Mom always is, and the kids come around the first time they use it. 
You can find more pictures of this playmat in my Etsy shop!
Playmat turned Toybag
Simply Pull the Drawstrings - All clean!

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  1. So simple, but so useful! What a great idea.